About Me

Section About Me, means in this section, I should leave something about my obtained experience and knowledge, including the information restored and reorganized in my braincells, which I have summarized since started to know.

Life is a journey, a non stop discovery of the truth, someone calls it as “the meaning of life”, or “the ultimate truth”, if this is an endless expansion of this discovery, so life, not only my own life, but also the totality of living things in the whole universe, are completing the discovery of truth together, thus, I redefine the meaning of life as “a contribution of completing the discovery of ultimate truth”.

Yes, sounds ridiculous or impossible to understand, but if think the meaning of life with the scale of universe or even higher level, like multi-universe, it is just a tiny part of this 13 billion year long story.

Thus, if define my life is the totality of me, follow what described above, then I’m just in my journey of discovering the ultimate truth and contribute my part to journeys of others.